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Spring tourism highlights in Slovenia
03.04.2015, Slovenija

Spring tourism highlights in Slovenia Greetings from SLOVEnia! Experience Slovenia, a country between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea which even contains love in its name! The rich heritage of the past and the green future can be experienced in Slovenia simultaneously. We are proud of destinations that hold the title of European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) and are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Find inspiration in the centre of Europe and discover these magical places! Did you know that the oldest wooden wheel with an axle in the world, from the time of the pile-dwellers, was found in Slovenia? Can you imagine the extraction of mercury in the Idrija mine before the light bulb was invented? Be guided by the spirit of adventure! Venture into green, active and healthy Slovenia and discover the diversity of natural, cultural and technical heritage. Spend you free time actively next to the lively Soča River or the calmer Kolpa River. Be pampered at a spa with 160 years of tradition in Laško, make your own lace in Idrija and breathe in the fresh air of Solčavsko. The story of Slovenia is a story of the mountains and the sea, forests and waters, fields and vineyards, earth and sky. All these diverse beauties are bound together by love. According to Slovenian tradition, love is the reason for so much beauty in such a small piece of the world. Enjoy the spring news! With love from Slovenia – Miss Lovely Stories from Slovenia European Destinations of Excellence in Slovenia European Destinations of Excellence in Slovenia Soak up the energy and experience the stories of five valleys declared as EDEN destinations. These are Soča, Idrija, Kolpa, Laško and Solčavsko. Open up to nature and visit the greenest destinations in Slovenia! more... Excellent EDEN finalists Excellent EDEN finalists Green, active and healthy Slovenia is excellent everywhere. In addition to being winners, the EDEN finalists are also attractive and tempting. Anywhere you go, you will be warmly welcomed by local people who will share with you the most beautiful stories about their love of Slovenia. more... UNESCO World Heritage in Slovenia UNESCO World Heritage in Slovenia The UNESCO World Heritage List is of the utmost importance for cultural and natural heritage. Three Slovenian gems shine on the global map of 1,000 heritage units: Škocjan Caves, the prehistoric pile-dwellings in Ljubljana and the mercury mine in Idrija. UNESCO Slovenia cordially invites you. more... Mysterious stories from the Škocjan Caves Mysterious stories from the Škocjan Caves Škocjan Caves joined the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1986 and still attract countless visitors from all over the world. Welcome to the stony Karst with a soft heart. Enter the mysterious caves and hear stories of the Slovenian underground. more... European Heritage Label goes to Franja Partisan Hospital European Heritage Label goes to Franja Partisan Hospital At the heart of the Cerkno Hills, the trail leads you to the Pasica Gorge, which hid Franja Partisan Hospital, one of the better equipped hospitals between 1943 and 1945. Franja is a cultural monument of national importance entered on the UNESCO Tentative List. more... Tourist package Valley of the emerald Soča River Valley of the emerald Soča River The emerald Alpine Soča River is the vein of life of western Slovenia. Its distinctive colour, dynamic flow and character tell a story of tempestuous history and peace and the connectivity of people of the Posočje. With its stories of peace, the Soča River Valley became an EDEN destination in 2008. Find good energy in a world where life has colours. A 3-day package packed with excitement was prepared for you, starting at EUR 143 per person. more... ... Tourist package Green and delicious Solčavsko Green and delicious Solčavsko Discover nature and cultural heritage in the embrace of Solčavsko - Harmony of the Three Valleys. Stop at the most beautiful Alpine glacial Logar Valley and taste homemade sour milk. Climb on one of the neighbouring peaks in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanke. Solčavsko became an EDEN destination in 2009. Discover green treasures in a 3-day package starting at EUR 125 per person. more... Find your tourist package To Laško for a glass of beer To Laško for a glass of beer Among the hills at the Confluence of Good, lies Laško, a town with a long tradition of brewing and spa activities. In 2013, it received the esteemed EDEN award for an accessible tourism destination. Many opportunities for an active vacation, wellness experience and gourmet pampering accompanied with a glass of brewed beer have also contributed to the awarding of the title. Did you know that you can dip into a pool filled with beer in Laško? The town is full of sweet surprises: discover them in a special 3-day package starting at EUR 130 per person. more... Among miners, lace and dumplings Among miners, lace and dumplings Idrija is famous for its rich heritage, comprising a mercury mine, Idrija lace and delicious Idrija žlikrofi. In 2011, the oldest mining town in Slovenia became an EDEN destination, and in 2012, it joined the global elite on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Indulge in the clicking sound of bobbins during lace-making and enjoy homemade culinary specialities. A special 3-day vacation package full of new experiences was prepared for you, starting at EUR 129 per person. more... Pile-dwelling heritage of Ljubljana Marshes Pile-dwelling heritage of Ljubljana Marshes Ljubljana Marshes are a unique intertwining of meadows, fields, hedges and canals near the Slovenian capital. The green surfaces touch the sky and the Ljubljanica River, which co-created them through history. Six millennia ago, there was a lake here around which over 40 pile-dwelling settlements were built over three millennia. Due to its rich heritage, Slovenia’s pile-dwellings became an important part of UNESCO World Heritage. more... If this message is not displayed correctly, please click here on HTML | If you do not want to receive any more information from us, just click here | www.slovenia.info | April 2015 |

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